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Would it be possible to visit the studio?

>Yes, it’s very easy to make an appointment via phone or e-mail. My studio is located a couple of minutes away from well- known Deventer Buitensociëteit & Bowling.

My studio is open-

10:00 – 18:00 hour | Tue. – Fr.

11:00 – 19:00 hour | Sat.


Can I bring my own old/ broken sterling silver (gold) jewellery to be used for new jewellery?

>Yes, you can do that, if necessary I will melt them into a small ingot.

How do I know if it’s sterling silver (14kt/18 kt gold) I have?

>Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by mass of silver and 7.5% by mass of other metals, usually copper. Sterling silver has a hallmark 925. Karat is the measurement used to determine the purity of precious metals like gold. The description ’18-karat’, shortened to 18K or 18kt or ’14-karat’ must be present in a form of adequate hallmark. These can be different from country to country.

Will I get a discount on my new jewellery afterwards?

>Yes, you will get the final price with the discount what will be an accourate amount of daily sterling silver price per gram online displayed and multiplaied by grams you have.

Can you repair broken jewellery?

>Yes, it’s possible. If you attach a couple of photos that clearly shows what is jewellery condition and its hallmarks are visible (if it is real sterling silver or 18 kt gold of 14 kt gold or just silver/gold plated) I will have a look at it and let you know what’s next.

Would you make wedding rings?

>Yes, please make an appointment via phone or e-mail.

How do I know which size of ring to order ?

>To find out what ring size is the one you need you can come to studio with your old ring  so I can measure its diameter properly with a help of jewellery ring sizer or you get to try on many metal ring with fixed diametrs on so called ring meter.

>Three simple steps to measure perfect size at home :

mm : 49  50  51   53   54   55   57  58   59  60   62  63   64   66  67   68    70    71   72    73    74  

US     5    5.5   6   6.5   7   7.5    8   8.5   9   9.5   10  10.5  11  11.5  12  12.5  13   13.5  14  14.5   15

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Why the same model of jewellery always look a bit different?

>It is due to its handmade creation. Each piece of jewellery gets so its unique shape and + its unique appearance.

Are you giving workshops for children?

>Please contact me if you’re interested in. I did not make any workshop for children in my studio yet, but I am intensively thinking about it. I made a 2 year-study of pedagogy at AFAD ( Bratislava, Slovakia). I am not a holder of any certificate; yet during my study at academy I took care of 3 children as au-pair in English speaking family for more than 2 years and there were delighted. I’m fluent in Dutch language too.

How long it takes to receive jewellery ?

>Please allow 1-2 weeks for handcrafting your jewellery if not in stock.

Do you ship by registered mail?

>Yes, I do ship all jewellery via registered mail.


If you have any questions please contact me at:


Direct contact:
NL: +31 (0)6 49189680
SK: +421(0)904 237091


E: barbora.dzurakova@gmail.com



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